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GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 6:00 PM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

Received via email at 6:21 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles Exchange center staff being told openly RV goes tonight. "Kis...

Saturday, May 27, 2017

"Re: How to Approach the Family of Cynics" by Daughter of Terra - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 2:38 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

"How on Earth to Approach the Family of Cynics" by Gem - 5.27.17

In service to Source,

Wow, this question keeps being asked and answered. Its still vital. I think because as we grow our answers keep changing. In regards to what Soul Sister Stated. I completely agree. The emotional attachment to lies is a cynics greatest issue. So much of who people are is what they think they think they know. When all a person knows is handed to them and accepted without question. That person becomes of slave to information. When you tell them the truth two things happend: Their false sense of self is threatened. And you become an enemy of the cause. "No one else is saying this they always say". Its group think in its highest most dangerous form. You have to think what everyone one else thinks. If you don't your foolish or crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

You have to give them with truth; what is taken away when the lie is taken away. Its the only healthy, least harmful way. So instead of; "You where lied to your entire life, should have been paying attention...I told you - sucks to be you". It would have to be, something like: "You a divine gift. Placed here for the benefit of humanity. You have a wonderful glorious purpose of which you are now being asked to fullfill. There have been many here that tried to keep this information from you. But they cannot any longer. The question for you is what are you going to do with this new information". They retain their sense of self. It allows them to ask geniune questions. It empowers rather than defeats.

For those who deny even that approach you have to give them space. Eventually their reality will match what you were saying and they will come back. Or they won't. They are just used to following. So when everyone else is living in this way they will fall in line.

If that doesn't work their timeline or energy won't match and after sometime they will be removed so they won't negatively influence impressionable ones who are still growing. Much like whats happening on this site.

Simple answer is. You love them. You uplift them. And you let them go. If they come back. Help. But you have to allow them to make a choice. You cannot force your will on another. DO NO HARM, includes emotions.

Hope this helps,
Love you all.

Daughter of Terra

"Re: Only Light Workers Have This Problem" by (Anonymous) - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:04 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

"Only Light Workers Have This Problem... (2nd GCR)" - One Who Knows - 5.26.17

Precious OWK,

As I was reading your post, tears welled up, as they usually do as i read the posts in DC, I was thinking about a quick convo i had at the local grocery store the other day. I have just returned home for my 3rd summer visit since my mom walked on. I was commenting to a lady stocking groceries, how sad it was that when a certain family walked on or retired no one kept the hatchery going for eggs. She said that had been gone for years. My dad had provided fresh veggies to a small chain of independent groceries. until my mom convinced him to stop when i was the only kid left in the house. That was the end of fresh food in the area.

I quickly explained about repatriation of money back into the USA and how i had a bond that was going to bring shit loads of money, and I was going to invest in more to make sure there was a project to cover this area of kansas. She just looked at me, with wide eyes. The state recently approved hemp farming. I want to see all the grain crops, turned into hemp and learn to turn it into fabric and have cottage business turning that fabric into clothing and household needs.
The river bottom land i want to show people how to grow real food again. This land is rich and dark. Im learning new ways to garden that disturbs the land less. I am so blessed that my mom and dad made sure in my old age i would have a small plot of land to call my own to live with nature. That truly is the greatest life to have, to sit and listen to the different birds sing, and to say hi to the frogs i disturb as i work around the plants. I see the thousands of generations have passed since my dad put in the different woms into the land. The trees I helped plant when i was a child are now 50 some feet tall. When I read your post about Mother's ascension, I was thrilled to hear the rest of the story. I knew part of what you talked about and you finished what i did not know.

"Information for OWK" by (Anonymous) - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 1:28 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

Hi Richard

Thank you for answering us so quickly.

We are supposedly a sub group (or peripheral group ?) of the Admiral's group. The leader of this sub group is T.J. Henderson (and his wife Zhenia) from Fairfield, Iowa. One of us previously lived in Fairfield and has friends who have independently told her that in the meetings held there for the group that they are told all "gurus" are cabal and all information from gurus is false and that we will be prohibited from exchanging if we don't exchange with the group. We are told these statements are tantamount to threats.

We were initially told we couldn't receive humanitarian rates without Trusts and/or foundations, etc., business plans or statements of intent, etc. so he created entities for us. We have never been given any rates and very little information.

We have yet to let them know we are stepping out because we know it will bring a deluge of threats.
However, we have talked it over and see clearly this is misuse of the whole intent of this Blessing.
Thank you and Patrick for all you are doing for us all.


Re: GCR/RV Intel SITREP 10:00 AM EDT" by Ruby - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Ruby at 12:31 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

GCR/RV Intel SITREP - 10:00 AM EDT - Saturday - May 27, 2017

I sincerely wonder if you are in your own separate reality. No one I know sees it this way except you. Oh, and on the 122 day of office impeachment thing? The only thing that happened that day was Trump’s lawyer coming out with evidence that any illicit ties to Russia were made up by DESPERATE Deep State players. You remember them, right? The Satanic pedophile creeps who know they are going down and can’t afford to have anyone see them sweating the bullets they shed in private.

So are you deluded or just passing on a fake narrative? For REAL analysis of what is really going on with Trump, Comey, Russia, etc., I refer you to this excellent explanation: It says everything my various sources have gathered except for Comey’s perversion. I’m not sure why that wasn’t included in the analysis, but it’s just more evidence that Comey is part of the real poison of the Clinton Cartel and as well as how adroit and well-counseled Trump is. Having worked in HR, I have seen similar moves made against discharged employees.

As another poster put it, I doubt the Chinese are going for this whole charade in order to secure a peaceful transition just to court Civil War. Granted, civil war seems to be okay and within the NESARA/GESARA treaty requirements, but it wouldn’t fare well for the largest economy in the world (not to mention EXTREMELY well armed population) was plunged into that chaos. I’m sure some would believe that of the Chinese portrayed in our western media, but from what Richard has shared, that is NOT the plan for us Terrans.

In other news, it was nice to see you stop the hate for a change. It allowed us to see your better side.


"Re: Houston We Have a Problem" by Nick - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted by Mobius at 12:00 PM EDT on May 27, 2017

"Houston We Have a Problem" by Nick - 5.27.17

Hi Nick,

It's not a question of agreeing or not with your statement, I would like to underline other options.

I have 49 persons in my group.... Not an official group, just a bunch of people of all ages.

Before the ''Segments'' & Patrick's Database, I told people that the number would get posted on the Dinar sites.

That's all I had to give to them back in the days.

They know where to look, they got regular updates along the years, they know the process is active Now and have the link to D.C..

If they don't care and have the means to follow the process, personally I feel I did my job.

There are some people (older) that are not comfortable with using computers, I will call them.

For the rest of the group, I told them to register their Email on Patrick's Database to receive the 1-800 number.

With this step, I did an even better job. They are autonomous now and I have less people to contact when the time comes, removing the ''I like you or not'' out of the equation and I cannot be accused of playing ''God'' with their currencies. I have integrity.

Now, the Segments appeared and once the number gets distributed via these ''Segments'', Patrick will send the 1-800 at the same time, plus the number will get posted on the websites.

So, if at this point, a group leader is still in the energy of ''limiting'' some and ''blessing'' some, he/she has a problem. He/She did not understand his/her implication in this process or is simply not worthy of his position. He/She will have to deal with his/her choices.

That being said, the number is accessible in other ways than ''Word of mouth''.

Also, as currency holders, we have to be responsibility to stay in touch with the process and show interest.

The D.C. community is sticking to the process and got ride of the ''In for an easy buck'' type of people that stopped believing with time or did not have the ''Rebuild the world'' mentality. To me, it's a form of ''Natural selection'' wouldn't you say ?

How can one benefit of something if one put zero attention ?

Responsibility = Ability to respond.

At the end, if they don't get the 1-800 number, they will exchange at the public rate. What can I do ?

If anyone does ''arm'' to another during the process at ''Distribution time'', he/she will feel cheap a long while and will have to deal with the results of what he/she did.

No one can do much about the choice of others and it's useless to feel bad about it. Especially when this scenario is projected in the future.

If you are aware of such a situation, after the exchange, you can always make sure to donate yourself to fix this problem. (I would)

I plan on riding a positive wave and helping generously and tend to think that people in D.C. will too.

Have a nice day.


Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Sat. Morning - 5.27.17

This is a compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Saturday Morning, May 27, 2017. All guest posts that are more than 5 paragraphs in length, deemed important, contains images or is a response to another post will be considered it's own post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts have been changed from top to bottom to bottom to top. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom to negate having to scroll down every time. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Re: Houston We Have a Problem"

Entry Submitted by Apostle Folami at 11:47 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

Thanks Nick for proving me right about the word of mouth process. I knew there would be some Petty Patty’s who were not going to play fair. So what grade are we in this week? There are people in the world with serious needs and now we must fight the Christian Cabal too? I am so disappointed. Thanks Nick, keep up the good work.

Apostle Folami

"Vehicle of Ascension"

Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 4:37 AM EDT on May 27, 2017


Oh yeah, baby!

~ islandwave8

"The Gravity & Sanctity of Being: Responsible"

Entry Submitted by islandwave8 at 1:56 AM EDT on May 27, 2017


GREAT post Yoseph.

~ islandwave8

"Emergency Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:35 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

Many thanks for all you do.

Question: we are members of a sub group of one of the better known groups. We still have our currency, though we are on this group's spread sheet. We are now being told that if we don't exchange with this group, we will not be allowed to exchange at all. Will we be shut out of exchanging if we choose not to exchange with this group?

Many thanks❣️

"Is your Spouse/Partner Awake?" by (Anonymous) - 5.27.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:11 AM EDT on May 27, 2017

Hello, DC Family!! I'm so blessed to have found you! Thank you, Patrick, Yosef, OWK and everyone for your love and support!

I read Gem's post about her dilemma of how to speak to her family about the RV with keen interest and understanding. We are there with you, Gem! I would venture to guess that 99.9% of our families are asleep and we have all felt like an outsider for our entire lives. I gifted my sisters some Dong and they don't understand it, let alone believe it. They think I'm nuts or crazy and feel sorry for me. Oh, well. I can't wait to call them with the toll free numbers and let him experience the exchange for themselves!

My major concern regards my husband. He is an EarthKeeper but is asleep. He is a good man but I cannot talk to him about anything Spiritual because his eyes glaze over and he doesn't want to hear it. We have been married 17 years and I love him deeply. But this difference keeps distance between us. I trust he will awaken when the time is right for him.

This is my current dilemma: I cannot decide on whether I should take him with me to my exchange appointment. I have ZIM. I try to imagine it both ways. He was angry with me when I purchased my currency as he thinks it's a scam. I've even thought of splitting what currency I have and then making separate appointments. Either way, I know that I will have to give him 1/2 if we separate, which is fine, but I don't think he can handle it. I have my Project all planned out and plan to talk about it during my appointment. I feel like it's the most important "interview" of my life, yet my partner is not on board. I so envy those who have supporting and awake partners that they can share everything with!!

My plan is that after I make my appt. I will sit him down (now that it's "real" in his eyes) and have a good talk. That's when I will decide what to do. Please note that I have prayed much about this already. I trust that I will make the best decision for both of us.

I don't imagine that I am the only Lightworker with this issue. Anyone else? As you can imagine, I'm so very excited and yet very anxious at the same time.

Thank you for listening, dear DC Friends.

With love, Anon.


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