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"10 Fair Questions" - Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - April 27, 2017

Received via email at 11:29 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles Here are 10 fair questions awakened minds are asking themselves this ...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Love is..." - RV Thoughts - 4.27.17

Love is eternal. Attitude of Gratitude.

"Must Readjust" - Thurs. PM TNT Thoughts



IMO with goods prices dropping in Iraq, the currency MUST readjust shortly.

that poor old can is really beat all to pieces. UI have never seen so much can kicking in all my life. I think they are just scared of the other 99 percent of the people who are sleeping through all this.

Good morning TNT. What if Abadi info is put out for May, but drop it on us this weekend? Anyone thinking that way?

Florida anything is possible

Amen Pearle, remember with Kuwait ?

"Full Liberation" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26


Samson » April 27th, 2017

If you read the article here : as posted not long ago by me it clearly states :

Political sources expected that the full liberation of Mosul city will end next Saturday (30 April, 2017).

Frank26 » April 27th, 2017

AFFIRMATIVE!!! !!! !!!

Rabbit » April 27th, 2017

How can you have an INTERNATIONAL banking conference in the month of May and not be an international bank yourself! Highly suspect! Lol

GodsGurl » April 27th, 2017

I thought the same thing when I read it!!

Frank26 » April 27th, 2017

LOL................ Silly Rabbits they are .......

Samson » April 27th, 2017

Baghdad, home to an international banking conference next month

It announced the Association of private banks, Thursday, the embrace of the capital Baghdad, an international banking conference with the participation of 30 local, Arab and foreign companies from seven countries, pointing out that the aim of the conference to stimulate international companies to enter the Iraqi market.

The executive director of the Association of Private Banks Ali Tariq in a statement / information /, "The Association of private banks will organize a conference of banking technology in the capital Baghdad on the sixth and seventh of next May with the participation of 30 Arab and foreign and local companies from the countries of Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Iraq, under the auspices of central bank".

Tariq added that "participating companies will showcase the latest cutting-edge systems in the world," asserting that "these companies have expressed their willingness to local presence in the field of employment and support for the financial sector which is new to the world is witnessing sophisticated technology."

He said, "The conference will address the central bank's strategy and the development of banking technologies using modern technology and the balance of payments and resettlement project salaries and infrastructure programs, banking and electronic payment tools modern."

Tariq said that "the goal of holding a conference of banking technology is to inform the Iraqi government and private banks on the services provided by companies in addition to stimulating international companies to enter the Iraqi market and provide their products."

Samson » April 27th, 2017

Interesting it is on an Iraqi site plus the article is interesting re exchange rates - is this a currency that could go ? mmm

Don961 » April 27th, 2017

Appears the IMF is trying to get many emerging economies up to snuff ... and firing on all cylinders ... with a Plan ... imo

Tunisian Central raises key interest rate for the first time 3 years ago

27/04/2017 - 10:16

Tunisia's central bank said on Wednesday it is raising its main interest rate from 4.25 percent to 4.75 percent for the first time in three years to cope with the sharp fall in the dinar and inflationary pressures.

The bank raised interest rates on savings 50 points ratio basis to four percent.

It was Tdoual euro against the dollar and 2.69 dinars, compared to 2.53 dinars last week, representing an unprecedented decline in the value of local currency. But after the central pumping on Tuesday, $ 100 million and 50 million euros returned the dinar to rise to record 2.50 dinars for euros and 2.40 dinars to the dollar.

The Tunisian Finance Minister Lamia yardman said last week that the central bank will reduce its interventions, which will result in a gradual reduction of the value of the dinar.
However, the central bank governor Chadli Ayari said that the bank does not plan to reduce the value of the local currency.

The bank said in a statement that "monetary policy and the policy of exchange rate adopted does not target a reduction in the value of the currency or fixed exchange rate, or a managed float of the national currency, but adopt a deliberate and coordinated interventions to reduce the sharp changes in exchange rates."

The head of the witness Wazzraaltonce Yusuf said on Friday that the government will limit random imports to cope with the worsening trade deficit and the decline of the dinar to historic levels against the euro and the dollar, undermining the foreign currency reserve.

The trade deficit of Tunisia in the first quarter of 2017 by 57 percent to $ 1.68 billion due to a significant rise in imports, which is unprecedented levels.

The International Monetary Fund agreed last week to provide the last slice $ 320 million loan to Tunisia a total value of $ 2.8 billion.

The fund called for a tightening of monetary policy and said, "increase the flexibility of the exchange rate will help to reduce the large trade deficit.

KTFA Questions and Answers w/ Frank26 4-26-17




Faithprevails : Frank if it is Trumps call any opinion with his demand Abadi is holding back

Frank26: I said it is A's country and religion and people…he does not care about your cap gains just as imf and wb no care about the mosque

LivinMemphis : who and what gives first

Frank26: imo ......let it unfold…….imo ..............A

Dew7: This week or next week.... All good! It will be EPIC!!!

Frank26: do u not do anything for her kiss? if she is beautiful enough…….indeed

LivinMemphis : But this has been a verrrry loooog courtship. At sometime you have to fish or cut bait...and we have a shark on the hook

Frank26: not if u have ALL in her

Bethany : LOVE the analogy

Frank26: u wait because the next man will take over…like Russia….like china….etc

Rabbit : Russia is thick with Iran

Frank26: yes….hence why both OBEY

LivinMemphis : So everything is done, including the A wants more time for what....his people to get used to the new rate in country? Please give us insight to A thinking.

Frank26: USA

Rabbit : Can I quote you Frank?

Frank26: u already know his thinking is as yours for your family

Frank26: yes….i STAND by my words

Rabbit : Nothing is done on purpose, it's done for a purpose!

Frank26: correct

LivinMemphis : So is this just the ME being the ME? Slow and slower

Frank26: all is well with the MR….just not fast enough for the fiancĂ©
….he wants the HONEYMOON NOW !!! don't u? wink

Faithprevails : He usually gets what he wants

Rabbit : Ok, I have a question? Are the Iraqi people reacting the way everyone would like them to with all the changes?

Frank26: too early to say ..........hence why i told u where to look at them .......imo the coming days they will TALK !!! Celebrate

LivinMemphis : T or US will respond somehow don't you think Frank?

Militia_Man : If Trump wants the Honeymoon to get underway, Abadi wants a little longer dance to the end?

Frank26: MM ..................... A wants what the citz want ...........GOM (Grand Old Mosque) and the power of purchase

Militia_Man : Got it, then they'll get what they want then.. Abadi is very good at negotiating, I suspect T respects that.

Dinartowncrier : Frank Saddams birthday is the 28th???

Frank26: DT ............ not important

Dinartowncrier : Ok great because thata my B-day too!

Frank26: LM........................... they may push IF no RV by 28th……..push again

Frank26: Yes MM

Rabbit : From all the intel of Mosul being done why do you think Abadi is waiting to make the announcement/

Linda & Evan: . Question: Will you be offering any suggestions post RV about exchanging...

Frank26: Yes ..........Next M CC

Faithprevails: Frank aren't the big investors getting impatient

Militia_Man : So, with GOM supposedly at 73% We still could see 04/30 on time.. even though 5-6 was let out, imo.. Sound possible?

Frank26: Rabbit ...........u are rearranging the same qt with new words......... A LOVES his people NOT U and your cap gain

Smn : Frank could 5/6 simply be a throw off, China synd

Frank26: FP..............i made that clear tonight

LivinMemphis : If T pushes 28th and after, what could T have up his sleeve or use as leverage that T hasn't said/used already. $$ has already transferred between countries. The whales have theirs. Inside Iraqi people will be happy.

Frank26: MM..........yes 78%..........imo A buying margin

Frank26: No SMN

Crystal ( ChrissyPooh): Frankie didn't you say the contractors were paid? And the citizens? I can't remember for sure? If not don't be angry just trying to confirm.

Militia_Man : Even if it were to lets say be done, we will still have to wait a little bit for to see it, as A wants the Citizens to get the full effect up front.

Frank26: LM.............yes

Frank26: Crys................... some contract pd.............TODAY citz at 1000 to 1............Listen to CCs please to understand

Frank26: MM.............citz will catch on quickly !!!

Crystal ( ChrissyPooh): OK no I understand ...ty

Linda & Evan : Question: Reinvesting in other currencies... the day it RV's or within the 72-78

Frank26: L and E ...................when the window opens based on your cap

Militia_Man : Then they will talk freely and in earnst I suspect. Word will travel fast..

LivinMemphis : If T pushes 28th and after, what could T have up his sleeve or use as leverage that T hasn't said/used already. $$ has already transferred between countries. The whales have theirs. Inside Iraqi people will be happy. The only thing left is leveraging imports/exports. That could be more time.

Frank26: time is at the end of the fuse for EVERYONE which is good for us at peace

Smn : Will there be 800#s

Frank26: SMN .................. not with KTFA .............. only info of many places to exchange

LivinMemphis: Frank I sense you are at peace, I see and feel it...but I also sense you know more than sharing which is ok. But I sense you really don't think this will go into May….Anything else you care to share

Frank26: Hmmm.......... what i know have been suggested to be kept TEAMS see the indiscipline of some that cause me pain.............. this month is mine due to no files for may…..Next move IMO ..............Checkmate

Buttercup : On next cc will you please talk about non US banks in USA where we can exchange? This is my biggest concern. Thanks Frank!

Frank26: i have non ..............but did give YOU ...............ICBC

Linda & Evan: Question: Where is the best place watch the price once the RV happens in order to know when to go to the bank. Other than calling the bank every 5 mins. Will KTFA help with that

Frank26: ONLY CBI or ...............My broker LOL

Les : Who will be crowned the hero in this ? A or T or Allak?

Frank26: BOTH in their own worlds

LivinMemphis : Frank I felt last night was going to cause you to be quiet. It reminded me of rebellion after the Jews were allowed to leave Egypt, Moses was at the mount and all hell broke out underneath him. Like last night. I knew when it kept going it was going to cause a back lash. When will people learn. No ?. Just observation. thank you!!

Frank26: Notthe1: Frank.. would u use WF if the spread was better.

Frank26 : LM.............. Never

Frank26: Yes ......the point is stewardship ......remember YOU are in charge of the exchange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly A : Did Delta have anything he wished to pass onto the family?

Frank26: yes and ..............i did tonight............. as for the rest ............ we decided to not SHARE

Militia_Man : We are staring at a smoking fast fuse are we not? One that wont be unlighted past 5-6? Payday for the Citizens would make sure of that?

Frank26: the 1000 to 1 is too wet ................ be at peace as it permeates

Smn : AG did I understand you the other night that we should ask the bank for our desired rate?

Soccermom : Will banks have to verify any notes we exchange with the de la rue machines?
I am sure not all banks will have them and you have taught us not to let the notes out of our sight...

Frank26: IMO .......only the larger banks
Faithprevails : How long do think 1000 to 1 will it take to get 1 to 1

Frank26: do not know FP

LivinMemphis : You have no files for May. Check. The Mosque and Mosul is done. Check. So we watch. Check. Be Patient. check. So what % do you feel you won’t have anything further to say regarding the RV on Monday notes call. And go right into Thanks and Blessing. Thank You.

Frank26: the % is high ................ IMO we are advancing ............ watch the citz reaction this 28th

rnjdad : Does 1 to 1 equal international?

Frank26: not until it is sent to Forex ............ by then it will be higher than 1 to 1 by attrition and trade

Soccermom : Do you have any suggestions on where to "store" our currency while we are waiting to exchange in those 72-78 days? In a safe in our home? Not in a safe deposit box like you have taught us...

Frank26: in the opposite of logic .................... in a place not associated with YOU...........u can figure this out .............think

Johnwg49: What is your ceiling for next year after rv?

Frank26: imo this yr 4.24 ............... no data on next yr yet sorry

Crystal ( ChrissyPooh): Do you think the banks will make us get our exchange a certain way instead of letting us get cash?

Frank26: NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U R in charge ..........tell them to shove it ............go somewhere else

BlessedKate : I *think* you said that it was 1000:1 but we were headed to 800/750:1 did I hear wrong?
If I didn’t, how does that work ….I thought the 000s would be cut?

Frank26: u heard me correct ...........when we see lower than 1000 to 1 .......... we will SHARE

DoodleBug : Frank, tonight you mentioned that some might not have enough IQD and that you were establishing the "Cookie Jar" to help out those who have ideas but not enough to fund. Could you please elaborate on what your definition of "enough" is

Frank26: as i said on CC ............. depends on your goals / projects .............. IMO anyone with 1 mil ca do a lot if calculated well ............ make money with money ............DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY

Tigger : Are you aware of any domestic bank where we will be allowed to deposit our IQD as IQD and, therefore, NOT exchange them? (but get them out of our homes, safes, secret stash places in the meantime...)

Frank26: Nope ........... o screwed us over with his %$#@ laws

Johnwg49: I have called around. Almost no one sells the Egyptian Pound now. Do you have any suggestions on where to buy it?

Frank26: Egypt ............. NY Brokers ............... International Lawyers ............... UST........... etc

BlessedKate : #1 I didn't hear all of this part.... but if we have the mosque then why did A mention May? #2 anything new on the dong?

Frank26: #1 ...............go back and read my answer........#2 yes

BlessedKate : #1 ok I will! #2 Will you share what you know about the dong?

Frank26: it is %$#@ hot .............. BUT no info on their MR pace

Holly A : Where do you see the value of the dong coming out? Does it also have a waiting period we should adhere to?

Frank26: 20 to 40 cent .............. inside of a yr IMO

LivinMemphis : How many days after the new rate is on the Forex do you suggest would be better to do our initial exchange within the 72, right away or let the dust settle a few days and the rush go by?

Frank26: IMO ............. anything at first i will go with 10% ............... anything over 2 25%............... anything over 3 40% .......... anything over 4 50% ............... anything over 5 ............... %$#@ LOL

Madeeandlynndeean : How will you alert the family the rate has changed on the CBI website?

Frank26: MADEE.................. on our forum .............. U can't miss it..

LivinMemphis : Frank you may have misunderstood my ?. I was asking if it is better to go in immediately after the RV is announced or is it better to wait a 1-? days to let the rush go by and learn from others of what they experienced Not asking about how much to exchange you answered that. Thanks so much.

Frank26: But i did answer u .............. go based on the rate .............. i will move instantly at any rate at 10%

BlessedKate : I know this is a shot in the dark probably ...but any idea what he Egypt pound will do... so I know amounts to get?

Frank26: E P is still a yr or 2 away so no ............ no idea as of now.............. by the time it goes i will be out of currencies

Smnan : Re Dong, should we wait for rate to climb

Frank26: the advantage to buying forg currency is to buy it at it lowest price

Smn : I meant after it rvs

Linda & Evan Questions: isn't the dong a better investment than the pound if we have time to get it before it RV's

Frank26: imo ................OH YES !!!

LivinMemphis : You said tonight if I understand correctly: A said he would announce late next wk regarding Mosul being free. Was that for his people and a road map for them alone, and WE should not pay attention to that statement?

Frank26: LM ............... if A gives u Mosul then we are in business ............faster pace for MR............... if A says go it is for all to hear

Frank26: . If A gives u Mosul ............... GET READY !!! .........imo

Smn : After dong RV, should we wait for a certain level

Frank26: SMN ................ no data on that qt right now sorry

Linda & Evan : Question: Any suggestions on how to "shop the deal" before exchanging... it seems like we would be setting ourselves up for theft or at least someone trying.

Frank26an : Yes ............On M CC we talk on HOW to exchange if time allows

Frank26: L and E ............too long to explain now and here

Soccermom : Do you know where you will be exchanging yet? Big bank? Small bank? Other financial institution? If so, care to share?!?!

Frank26: Hmmm.............. No not really ............ imo ........... i and u need to keep that private to classified

Buttercup : When the d drops back after it's 72-78 climb to the top, do you have any sense as to what the drop back $ number might be? ty!


Buttercup : so if one exchanges on day 100 you feel it would not be lower than the top of the 72-78 range? awesome!!!

Frank26: correct with passion

Mlhsmile : My 39th anniversary is the 29th of april, on a scale of 1 to 10 wht are the chances I might be able to tell my doubting hubby we are now ready to move to the country because of a rv

Frank26: 7.9 ............... that is from me not TEAMS only because u cornered me

Cinderella1906: Frank forgive me im old and forgetful but there was something about e somtihing on the 30 th april . Is that important for us or for an rv

Frank26: it was A's date for mosul but tonight he moved it to 5/6th

Matthew 1: I believe the change to 1 to 1 in country won't happen until the next payday for Iraqis at the end of May. Your opinion??

Frank26: i have my eggs on the 28th if not the in the early of May ..............i am sincere in this answer

Blinkster : Frank, I understand the Mosque is both a religious and national issue to the IRaqi citizens, but isn't there some intrinsic military value as well..sorta like the cherry on top of it all?

Frank26: nope ............... citz no play that game

LivinMemphis : IF A doesn’t want to state Mosul is liberated until late next week…how long after that do you suspect we would see a new rate on the Forex..would take to see it the next week or past mid-May?

Frank26: said ............imo Mosul and GOM (Grand Old Mosque) are secured .............. A imo buys time for citz in MR transaction

Rbest : Could they RV before announcing Mosul?

Frank26: YES !!!

Matthew 1: Just checking with you on this Frank, In the past Delta, You and teams have said we do not have to wait for the 1st or 15th for them to rv, they can go any day they want. Does this still stand??

Frank26: oh Yes

Mcdan: ? Frank what do you know about a forex doing a trade for you with dinars

Frank26: IMO ............... Forex will be happy to exchange but trade unknown to me.......sounds like a rumor

BiggJess : Did T need this done in first 100 days?

Frank26: to a degree .........yes ...........due to our (debt) ceiling

BlessedKate : IYO since you said yes to RV could happen before mosque to a previous question... do you think this scenario will happen?

Frank26: 50/50............... IMO A will win his way...............she is too pretty...........what ya gonna do with a diva?

Buttercup : date of debt ceiling?

Catherine : Debt Ceiling 4/28

LivinMemphis : Frank you little angel you. Many lightbulbs going on….A doesn’t have to announce Mosul is free for the RV to occur. This is creating more time for Iraqi citizens to adjust and doing what they need done in country. We are still in the window. The window hasn’t moved…we are looking at this from another viewpoint—As. She wan't to be prettier in the window pane. IS this correct.

BiggJess : Debt ceiling is the 28th but government can still operate temporarily with some creative financing

Frank26: we are looking at this thru a key hole .............. narrow minded to THEM ............ we DEMAND ............A simply wants to give a HAND

Blinkster : Could it be possible that T negotiated timing with A regarding our debt ceiling?

Frank26: not really ........... T and A know the goal even if the paths are littered differently

Matthew1: If A....starts the postponing senario.....AKA...Crying Wolf....Investors and the International World is going to simply say.......SAME OL IRAQ....Can't get anything done or stand by their word.......Hopefully, he will announce Mosul at the end of Next week and not postpone again

Olshep : Wondering if the extra bucks iraqis are getting are giving them more confidence yet? How do we gage? How heavily does this weigh in the process?

Frank26: imo ........T will wait...........thing are not going in the wrong direction is just us as investors that are in need and pain

Rbest : If I was Abadi, I think I would want to RV and then say "oh by the way we Have Mosul and our Mosque". What do you think Frank?

Frank26: i proposed that on M CC .............. lets not try to FORCE a good thing that is moving well

Shangdoodles daughter : Frank … not sure you can address this … so let me ask it hypothetically. If one’s intention is to gift foreign currency of potential value to a church … Would it be best to do so before or after it’s Area Code might rise?

Frank26: up to u in your heart............... b4 u deduct small value ............ post u deduct larger value ............. either way your church is blessed

Faithprevails : Frank how patient do you think Trump will be with Abadi if he shuffles dates

Frank26: already said .............. very ............. things are going too good with the MR, even at their pace

IOBEY777: Is that just a smoke screen?

Frank26: no .............Religion is not a joke with A and citz

Kathie L: I know you said you have 0 files for May but if that does change will you let us know? I am ok with whatever happens but think this is on people's minds…..Some people's minds that is

Frank26: of course ........i have no problems nor fear to continue the MR study...........i love how it is going rt now.

Faithprevails : Frank if USA is in charge why would Trump be so patient with our debt so high and a potential NK issue

Frank26: FP: because it is the wise thing vs the stupid thing to do

Johnwg49: Do you think rupiah is going before or after the dong?

Frank26: unknown data............. imo dong is ahead of rupiah

Free: Can you explain what you meant earlier about depositing IQD in US banks as IQD? That O's laws messed it up. What about MCAs at WF and Ever something

Frank26: they will convert your iqds into usd .........u have no choice

Free : okay, ty..defeats the purpose of MCAs

Frank26: yes

Frank26: been 1.5 hrs of answering qts…..maybe we are done



"10 Fair Questions" - Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - April 27, 2017

Received via email at 11:29 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Here are 10 fair questions awakened minds are asking themselves this Thursday morning...

1) Obama

Why did Barry heroically return to Washington the week the federal budget had to get passed, and is that the way he set it up all along knowing the GOP would need Democrats to reach the 60 vote threshold? And is Obama running the country secretly with his hand picked successor Speaker Paul Ryan until Trump is removed from power?

2) France

Why is a country with an impotent military, floundering economy and dwindling population still allowed to be a relevant veto force on the UN Security Council? And what or who still gives them such an important position to intercede in major international matters, especially to start or stop a war?

3) Israel

Why did the German foreign minister travel to Israel and Palestine this week to demand that Israel & Palestine accept the UN Security Council resolution calling for a Middle East peace, two state solution, only to have the Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu not even meet with him, then go ahead and bomb Damascus, Syria once he left -- this after promising Russian President Vladimir Putin face-to-face only two weeks ago that he would not engage Syria again militarily?

4) Republic

Why is Trump being allowed to destroy the US geopolitical image and appear reckless as if he's ordering random military strikes without provocation, when it's obvious to anyone paying attention he's nothing more than a "burner president" waiting to be thrown out and released from active duty as Russia's patsy? Or is Trump the Republic's patsy? Or worse, Obama's?

5) Ryan

Why after the new Health Care Act was rejected, did Speaker Paul Ryan visit of all people Barack Obama in his home, in secrete? And why would a sitting Speaker of the House feel the need to travel to Europe and publicly speak about supporting NATO as if he were the acting head of state? And why at the same time did MP Mike Pence do the exact same thing in South Korea and Australia while President Trump played golf?

6) Senate

Why were 100 members of the Senate, Homeland Security and Generals Dunford & Mattis all gathered on the White House grounds to go over a "North Korea" briefing without Trump's leadership? Where was our acting head of state during this endeavor, and where was Obama and Ryan when the briefing happened? Was this a staged event meant to publicly embarrass the Senators and/or final scolding to control their future actions in next week's critical budget, health care and tax reform votes? And could all of these domestic matters be required by the Chinese Elders before our RV is released? Is this why Obama is suddenly back now?

7) USN

Why would a well respected Hong Kong private bank subtly promote sales of the new USN to local customers, but not all retail banks at an international FOREX level? And when is the US Congress going to publicly announce a) that the Republic exists; b) the Republic has also switched back to the gold standard per GESARA requirements? Will such new laws be invisibly dropped into the upcoming federal budget as not to upset the general population or market makers?

8) Deadlines

Why was the same federal budget deadline extended exactly one week last night, after being extended four months back in December 2016? And why is big upcoming government shutdown vote being "synced up" with the vote on Health Care and Tax Reform? Ironic that the French Presidential election is also synced up to mirror this US federal budget vote timing? Doesn't Mercury Retrograde end on May 3rd which is the same day the FBI Director Comey testifies before Congress about the Russia/Trump investigation? And what about Iraq's Mosul liberation with all the pretty flags, and it's super high international rate printed in its local gazette newspaper? And what of Israel's two state solution and Netanyahu's resignation? Is Palestine's international recognition as a state all synced up? Will Ukraine finally sign the Minsk agreement and end their civil war? Can Yemen's liberation from war and upcoming UN humanitarian relief package also be known at that time?

9) Gold

Why are China and Russia not so quietly now pegging their currencies to gold, which pegs all international currencies to gold, and almost overnight eliminates the USD from relevance, and ushers in the USN without a sound? And why must the United States be made to appear weak under the duress of turbulent domestic policy battles and a constant reality show circus known as Trumpsanity?

10) Jeter

Why was Jeb Bush allowed to buy a baseball team (Miami Marlins), and more importantly, why was Derek Jeter in the same ownership group as a Bush? Did the Captain actually sell his soul to the devil cabal sports mafia… and even more concerning… is he aware that once he's given away his essence, that there's no getting it back for all eternity?

All fair questions...

"Re: Cobra, I Stand By My Statement" - One Who Knows - 4.27.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 10:20 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

RE: Cobra, I Stand By My Statement

I noticed a post about "The Resistance" that had something to do with Cobra and Me. I didn't read it as it was not interesting. For the record, I still stand by my statements on Cobra. Here is the post:

Prepare For Change: Response to Discredit Attempt of the Resistance Movement

Just a couple of Points:

#1) I NEVER said ANYTHING bad about the Resistance, how could I? We are the resistance, the ground crew, the Light Workers. So when they try to expand my criticism to the Resistance, that is stupid, misleading, and frankly a way to deflect what I had actually said. I am here to tell you that I am a proud member of the Resistance and will do everything that I can to stop the Cabal and to help bring in the Golden Age of Gaia for us all.

#2) I still stand by my statement that Cobra is pushing a Cabal agenda when he/she/they say that the Dinar and Zim will not revalue. That is ridiculous as the Zim is the star of the GCR, and the Dinar is the most widely held of all the First basket currencies. This does nothing but cause FEAR to the resistance, us, the Light Workers who hold these currencies. I am here to tell you that both of those currencies WILL REVALUE BIG TIME.

#3) I still stand by my statement that Cobra is pushing a Cabal agenda when he/she/they say that we are still being threatened by "Toplet Bombs" when in fact they have ALL been removed a long time ago. This is FEAR PORN and has no place in the Resistance Movement. This is the Cabal Agenda to keep us in FEAR by asserting that there is something to fear. I am here to tell the Resistance that there is NOTHING TO FEAR about Toplet Bombs as they have been dealt with by the Galactic Forces and are long gone.

#4) I still stand by my statement that Cobra is pushing a Cabal agenda when he/she/they say that Light Workers are being attacked and targeted by some type of energy weapon. I have it from top sources and good authority that that is NOT TRUE. To be clear, there was some of that going on before, but that has been handled and is NOT A THREAT anymore. This is the Cabal Agenda to keep us in FEAR by asserting that there is something to fear. I am here to tell the Resistance that there is NOTHING TO FEAR about energy weapons as they have been dealt with by the Galactic Forces and NOT A THREAT.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that claiming that I am against the Resistance, is Cabal 101 strategy. Clearly, I am for the resistance and have done my personal best to reveal the truth and call out disinformation whenever it rears its ugly head. If the Cobra organization or their proponents want to address this, then restate your position on: #1) The Revaluation of the Dinar and Zim, #2) Acknowledge the complete removal of the Toplet Bombs, and #3) Acknowledge that the Light Workers are no longer in danger from these Energy Weapons.

DO NOT claim that I am anti-resistance when my words and actions PROVE otherwise. It only makes you look foolish. Instead address the actual issues that I mentioned. I suggest that you read my posts and feel my heart, before you respond with such laughable accusations.

May We Get Everything We Want and Live The Life Of Our Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

"My Seat At Paddy's" - Cowboy Down Under - 4.27.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 9:51 AM EDT on April 27, 2017

My dear brother Heisenberg I just want to tell ya I Love Ya and though you might not know it there's a seat at Patty's that has my name on it, well not on it but under it, one of those late night when we stayed to close the bar and you drank me under the table I pulled a marker out of my pocket and wrote my name under my barstool. Over the last year I have thrown many a troll out of my seat by turning it and them upside down to show them 'Cowboy Down Under" written there. Thanks for all the great music you have brought into our lives and thanks for taking the time to come sit on the stoop with us all. I know our paths will cross some day as we sit in the front row of a Bruce Springsteen concert with big grins on our faces and a beer in our hands and life treating us to a little Love Sweet Love.

Peace out brother and enjoy the retirement though I think we both know it won't last long because you know what they say, 'once a bar owner all ways a bar owner.' Just don't give away my seat! Maybe some day we can burn a USA INC. flag together for old times sake.

Cowboy Down Under has a whole new meaning now.

Thanks and a big Love ya from all of us here on the stoop at D.C.


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