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"Changes due in October" - Fulford Report - 9.26.16

Weekly geo-political news and analysis Major world power struggles and changes due in October Posted by benjamin September 26, 2016 (Fu...

Monday, September 26, 2016

"Would Someone Please Interpret this" - Guest Post by Jaybird

Entry Submitted by Jaybird at 1:34 PM EDT on September 26, 2016

Net Tax Free Proceeds = $4,090 Quad US
Humanitarian Projects Trust = $2.6585 Quad US (65%)
Personal Liquidity Trust = $1.435 Quad US (35%)

What does “quad" calculate to?



In God we trust

India's Prime Minster: Paris Climate Pact to be Ratified Next Month

India PM says will ratify Paris climate pact next month

AFP • September 25, 2016

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India will formally join the Paris climate change pact, through which countries commit to take action to stem the planet's rising temperatures (AFP Photo/Karel Prinsloo)

India, the world's third largest greenhouse gas emitter, will ratify the Paris climate change pact next month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday, bringing the deal a step closer to reality.

Modi said India will formally join the landmark accord struck in 2015 in Paris, through which countries commit to take action to stem the planet's rising temperatures.

The accord needs ratification from 55 countries that account for at least 55 percent of the planet's greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change.

"Ratification is yet to be done and India too is yet to do it. I announce that India will ratify the decision on October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi," Modi said in a speech at a national meeting of his ruling party in the southern state of Kerala.

Modi said he had chosen that date because Indian independence leader Gandhi had lived his life with a low carbon footprint.

The treaty moved closer to taking effect earlier this month when a string of countries joined during the UN General Assembly.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon voiced confidence then that the accord would come into force by the end of the year.

China and the United States, the two largest emitters, gave a major boost to the accord when they signed on during a summit earlier this month between presidents Xi Jinping and Barack Obama.

After a meeting days later with Obama in Vientiane, Modi said India would formally join the agreement later this year.

India has not agreed to cap or cut its carbon emissions outright like some countries.

Instead it says it will hike its use of green energy and reduce its emissions relative to its gross domestic product by up to 35 percent by 2030 from 2005 levels -- meaning emissions will continue to grow but at a slower rate.

India, which relies heavily on coal-fired power plants for electricity, argues that stricter emissions targets would compromise efforts to boost living standards of more than a quarter of its 1.2 billion population which lives in poverty.


Support is Wavering for Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf

Support for Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf 'now wavering': CLSA

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf testifies before a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the firm's sales practices on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 20, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron

CLSA analyst Mike Mayo said his support for Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) Chief Executive John Stumpf was "wavering" following problematic sales tactics that has brought him under fire from U.S. lawmakers.

The bank has been facing heightened scrutiny following allegations that its employees had set up as many as 2 million accounts and credit cards in customers' names that may have not been authorized.

Mayo said his support for Stumpf was contingent upon the CEO's ability to better explain the repercussions of the sales abuses.

Last week, lawmakers on the U.S. Senate Banking Committee grilled Stumpf about the accounts, with some calling on him to resign and forfeit his earnings and hold other senior executives accountable.

Shareholders have a right to know what will be done to the pay of top executives, to the composition of the board, and for impacted customers, Mayo said in a note to clients.

"We believe Wells Fargo is bigger than the CEO, notwithstanding a good financial track record during his tenure, and there should be no more excuses for the lack of answers to key questions," Mayo said.

Mayo rates the stock 'outperform' with a price target of $57. The stock's median price target is $51.

Shares of the San Francisco, California-based lender have fallen by about 10 percent since Sept. 7, the day before the bank reached a $185-million settlement over fraud case.

(Story corrects headline to fix CEO's spelling to "Stumpf" from "Stump". Also corrects price target to $57 from $45.74 in paragraph seven.)

(Reporting by Sruthi Shankar in Bengaluru; Editing by Shounak Dasgupta)


US Bank Stocks Slide After New Fed Tests

US Bank Stocks Slide After New Fed Tests Suggest Need For "Significant Increase In Capital"

Sep 26, 2016 12:50 PM | Zero Hedge | Source

Two weeks after European and Japanese banks threatened mutiny against new banking capital requirements set forth by the Basel Committee, Bloomberg reports that Wall Street would have to come up with billions of dollars in additional capital in a proposed revamp of the Fed’s stress tests. US bank stocks are sliding on the news, falling back to the reality of lower and flatter yield curves as well as systemic threats from Deutsche Bank.

The European banking system is in trouble. Despite stocks relatively sober reaction, Sub CDS are exploding higher...

William Coen, secretary general of the Basel Committee, told reporters on Sept. 13 that the regulator’s goal is not to drive capital requirements higher as it finishes up Basel III.

“If we wanted to increase capital, that would be far easier than what we’re doing at present,” Coen said.

“We’re doing this work to reduce risk-weighted asset variability. And why are we doing that? To restore confidence in the risk-weighted capital ratios and to fully restore credibility to the capital adequacy framework.”

And now the US banking system is seeing threats mount systemically and The Fed warns its new stress tests "would generally result in a significant increase in capital requirements"...(as Bloomberg reports)

As the Fed has previously signaled, it is considering changes that would raise the minimum capital targets that each bank has to have to receive a passing grade, Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo said Monday. But the Fed is alsomulling concessions that Wall Street has sought, such as eliminating its assumption that lenders would continue to pay out the same level of dividends and buy back shares during periods of severe financial duress, Tarullo said.

The purpose of the overhaul is to try to merge stress testing with related capital rules, including incorporating the largest banks’ so-called capital surcharges that each bank must meet based on how big and complex it is,Tarullo said in prepared remarks for a speech at the Yale School of Management in New Haven, Connecticut.

“This would generally result in a significant increase in capital requirements,” he said.

Tarullo has been indicating for months that the Fed plans to ramp up capital demands in stress tests and Wall Street has been anxiously awaiting the agency’s proposal. The exams already represent the highest capital hurdle that U.S. banks must clear to show they can survive a hypothetical crisis devised by regulators, such as an extended economic downturn. What bankers may not have been counting on was that the Fed might add something besides surcharges to the mix.

Tarullo said the central bank will swap out its old 2.5 percent capital conservation buffer -- one of the pieces tallied into each firm’s capital target -- for a new “stress capital buffer” derived from each firm’s own stress-test results. That new number is the product of a simple subtraction: How much capital the bank starts with before the stress scenario the Fed hatches, minus how much the firm has at its lowest point in the nine quarters of the hypothetical stress period. If the institution started with 13 percent and dropped to 8, its buffer is 5 percent. And the buffer won’t be allowed to be less than the old 2.5 percent.

And US banks are sliding...

And, as we concluded, after European and Japanese banks threw a tantrum over Basel demands last week...

So to summarize: German, Italian, and Japanese banking regulators just admitted that it they are forced to meet The Basel Committee's (long-warned) capital regulations there will be chaos... and therefore Basel should back off or they will all revolt and leave (signaling to investors that they are - for intent and purpose - under-capitalized as far as the world's top regulator is concerned). Now we have just one question - will you leave your cash on deposit at any of the banks that 'mutiny' from global risk regulations? ..... Thought not.

And now, after Tarullo's comments, it makes you wonder about those "fortress balance sheet" US banks too, eh?

"Think Good Thoughts" - Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:34 PM EDT at September 26, 2016

We are so close. It is more important now than ever that we keep higher vibration good thoughts. We need to practice this as much as possible. It won't be too long that our thoughts will instantly become reality so the manifestations of bad thoughts will not be allowed. This is the power that we are capable of and the Cabal are terrified of. All the more reason to do whatever we can to regain this lost ability and rid ourselves of our enslavers once and for all.

There are only 3 more ascension portals (gates, seals) left to be opened. The final one on December 21st. That is how close we are. Our summer of discontent is over. Our fall of incredible opportunity begins. I hope to be celebrating this Christmas with the birthday boy himself. That's a good thought right there.

Saudi Arabia Interbank Rates Hit 2009 Highs, Country Bails Out

Saudi Arabia Bails Out Banking System After Interbank Rates Hit 2009 Highs

Sep 26, 2016 12:06 PM | Zero Hedge | Source

Amid what some might call self-inflicted economic collapse, Saudi Arabia has announced a $5.3 billion bailout of its banking system as interbank borrowing rates near the highest since Lehman. In what the supposedly central bank calls "supportive monetary policy...on behalf of government entities," is easing liquidity constraints with 28-day repo agreements and is the second liquidty injection this year.

While Saudi default risk has fallen - as the entire world has been liquified in recent months - it remains worse than Mexico, Russia, and South Africa.

As Bloomberg reports, The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, as the central bank is known, is giving banks about 20 billion riyals ($5.3 billion) of time deposits “on behalf of government entities.” It’s also introducing seven-day and 28-day repurchase agreements, as part of its “supportive monetary policy.” It didn’t provide further details.

The announcement, which comes as the kingdom prepares for its first international bond sale, is the latest step by the central bank to ease a cash crunch in the banking system. The Saudi Interbank Offered Rate, a key benchmark for pricing loans, has surged to the highest in seven years after the plunge in oil prices forced the government to withdraw money from the country’s banking system, squeezing liquidity.

The cash crunch risk undermining bank’s ability to lend to businesses, adding to the strain facing economic growth at a time when the government is cutting spending to shore up its public finances. The economy will likely expand 1.1 percent in 2016, according to a Bloomberg survey, the slowest pace since 2009.

The central bank was said to have offered lenders 15 billion riyals in short-term loans in June to help ease liquidity constraints.

“Sama is being proactive to ensure liquidity meets economic and financial requirements, said Monica Malik, chief economist at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, using an acronym for the central bank.

“This will provide a breather to the banks and the planned sovereign bond issue will also help. However the government’s funding requirements are much larger and the issue of tight liquidity is likely to persist.’’

Bankers and analysts alike hope that this action "will show investors that the government is committed to support the banking system," but - as with the US in 2008, and EU in 2012, this is more likely to drive risk aversion as instea do picking winners, traders broadly avoid the sector in an attempt to not get caught holding the sacrificial lamb.

The move is “the next step in the continuing story we’ve been hearing since the start of the year on the tightening of liquidity among Saudi banks and a follow-on to the first injection provided to banks earlier this year,” said Murad Ansari, a Riyadh-based analyst at investment bank EFG-Hermes.

“The liquidity situation remains challenging. However, it shows that the central bank will continue to support Saudi banks.”

Even worse - some might say - A royal decree read on the channel following the broadcast announced a cut to ministers' salaries by 20 percent and to members of the appointed Shoura Council by 15 percent.

"The cabinet has decided to stop and cancel some bonuses and financial benefits," read a line of text on Ekhbariya TV, as a minister read to assembled ministers and royals, including King Salman, a list of cuts to be made in various grades in the civil service.

With all eyes on Algiers this week - and the outcome very unlikely to be a freeze deal - as we detailed previously, Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly desperate for higher oil prices, and the need to bail out its banking system is a big red warning flag that this is far from over.

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log for Monday 9/26/16 - Part 6

Dinar Updates Daily Chat Log

Part 6 - Featuring rcookie

Josie says to rcookie(9:37 AM):

Wow, breadth and scope of the news is amazing this morning. Thank you so much for all you do. It is comimg so fast and furious that I needed to go back and read this a couple of times regarding the US Treasury delegation: He continued, "As the meeting dealt with the central bank to solve problems, through the training of financial personnel in cooperation with the Treasury Alomrakihmn by dealing with all companies worldwide in their training."

The Chairman of the Committee, that "were discussed to deal with the bank by sending money to him and to SOMO, as well as approaching the Swiss company that trains cadres of state and the world that symbolizes KPMG". Training personnel to deal with international companies under what I assume he is saying the auditing procedures of massive accounting firm KMPG Correct ?!

larrykn says(9:38 AM):

Iraq Stock Exchange launches instructions online trading system for investors

09/25/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 108 - Issue (3743)

Baghdad / Acer Jabbar

Uncover Iraq Stock Exchange, on Saturday, announced the launch of the trading system instructions via the Internet, as he emphasized that the service will be launched in the first quarter of 2017, pointed to the provision of five brokerage firms to work the system.

The executive director of the market, Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the Iraq Stock Exchange issued a trading instructions via the Internet to investors after obtaining the required official approval according to the law, which include the procedures, mechanisms and systems required by the Iraq Stock Exchange and brokerage firms taken in order to obtain a license to provide this service for investors, "noting that" the service will be launched in the first quarter of 2017 ".

Abdul Salam said that "the market identified instructed disclosures required of brokerage firms, which include disclosure of the risks associated with investing and models to deal with investors' actions (Know Your Customer (Your KYC, and commissions that Satkadaha mediator, as well as the requirements are carried out by investors to agree to their trading via the Internet." .

Executive Director of the market and continued that "the five brokerage firms submitted its application to the market to participate in the trading system via the Internet for investors, namely, (urban company, Rafidain, Spring Company, Caramel Company, Inc. Elaf), pointing out that" the Iraq Stock Exchange takes several months ago organize lectures and workshops for brokerage firms and investors for the purpose of definition of these services. "

The Iraq Stock Exchange, announced Wednesday (20 April 2016), his intention to work remote circulation through the end of this year system in 2016, as he emphasized that it will contribute to "activate" trading and "attract" investment and "streamline" the work procedures.

Movack says(9:38 AM):

rcookie I make my appology on yesterdays comment, I didn't understand the circumstances

woodywoodpecker says(9:38 AM):

thank you are so good at this

Elane says(9:40 AM):

This news is much appreciated... Amnesty in Gazette... ISX..on and on

dinarstudent says(9:42 AM):

so parliament is out until next week oct 4 correct

rcookie says to Movack(9:43 AM):


rcookie says(9:44 AM):

Justice and Accountability requiring people to "activate" the Baath ban and activities "Terrorist Act"

Author: AHF, HH, MK

Editor: AHF, HH

26/09/2016 15:31

Number of Views: 316

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Commission asked for accountability, justice and reconciliation in the House, on Monday, citizens activating the "terrorist" ban the Baath Party and activities voted by the House of Representatives through the reporting of promoting thought Baathist and "terrorist", as he emphasized "the possibility" to appeal the curriculum in case He was promoted to this thought.

The committee member said Naji Mohammed Naji in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "on the Iraqis to do the Baath Party Law and terrorist activities by reporting on any terrorist activity or Baathist or promote them," noting that "activation of the law, however, the Iraqi people and on the any activity that is made of the judiciary because there is a legal right of the cover of promoting these ideas. "

He said Naji, it "could be challenged if the teaching curriculum to promote this thought," pointing out that "the law was drafted deterrent penalties for promoters and can file a lawsuit against the grasslands."

The Iraqi Council of Representatives voted, on Saturday (30 July 2016), during its seventh of the first legislative term of the third legislative year to ban the Baath and the dissolved entities, parties and activities racism and "terrorist and takfiri" party law.

rcookie says(9:45 AM):

Abadi: Jordan put new amendments to the right of access to information

Amman , Sept. 26 (Petra) - Director General of the National Library , Dr. Muhammad Yunus al - Abadi said that the Kingdom of the first countries that acknowledged specialist law right to access information, and is still working to develop a consistent international developments in this field.

He said during a lecture organized by the Media Commission in the presence of Director - General Dr Amjad judge and expert Yahya Shakir and the number of people concerned with the media, academics, said the government has worked to develop new modifications have been converted to the House of Representatives to begin by recognizing according to assets, adding it aimed to reduce the legal periods stipulated the current law in order to improve access to information by the public.

Among Abadi During the lecture , which was organized on the occasion of the International Day of the right of access to information, that Jordan consistently sought to achieve transparency and to maintain the flow of information across many measures, even assuming the advanced station in this area.

Abadi said that the right of access to information law operations to obtain information from sources across the board information systems.

Ebadi said that government institutions dealt with last year 's 2140 request for information only 47 of them refused to request 44 of them the work of the general statistics for the non - availability of the required information.

He said the board information is treated with only four complaints submitted to him last year , while no one has made a complaint during the current year, adding that the complaints come after the Council refused to stakeholders or failure to provide information is being requested from any party whatsoever.

Abadi pointed to the problem of the lack of use of the right of access to information law, noting that he carried out in recent years , campaigns to publicize the law and awareness around the need to use the right contained therein.

Ebadi said that a study conducted recently on the eight countries of the world showed that Jordan ranked first in terms of the flow of information and the right of access to information.

For his part, expert Yahya Shakir talked about the importance of the flow of data and the right of access to information, reviewing the most important international experiences in this field.

He was inaugurated by Dr. judge confirmed the effectiveness of the right of access to information has become threads controversy around it , and is traded a lot.

He noted that the government has to keep pace with change in this area is constantly working to review legislation , including the right of access to information which ensures the provision of information for everyone , each according to his competence and his law.

The judge praised the cooperation of UNESCO and interest in this area and support to government directives to amend the relevant legislation.

House close of the lecture and discussion about the importance of information and the flow of legislation governing the work.

MrsBGG says(9:46 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch in the DU CHAT ROOM – Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST

MrsBGG says to dinarstudent(9:47 AM):

Good morning :)

MrsBGG says to Elane(9:47 AM):

Good morning :0

MrsBGG says to Elane(9:47 AM):

good morning :)

dinarstudent says to MrsBGG(9:47 AM):

good morning .so parliament is out until next week oct 4 correct

rcookie says(9:47 AM):

Learn the number of official holidays in Iraq after downsizing

Mon, 26 Sep 2016 14:21:34

Views: 46

Said a member of the Committee on Culture, Media representative, said on Monday that the Commission decided to reduce the number of official holidays in Iraq from 75 days to 22 days.

The MP for the blocs Kurdish Serwa Abdul Wahid said in a statement, said that "the Commission has reduced the number of official holidays, sent by the Council of Ministers from 75 days to 22 days," adding that "there is disagreement on some religious holidays and the days of the National Day."

MP explained that "one of the reasons behind the process to postpone the vote on the draft law public holidays in parliament comes as a result of disagreement on certain religious occasions."

The Council of Ministers sent the draft law public holidays which contains in paragraphs 75 an official holiday during the past period to the House for consideration and legislation by the competent committees.

MrsBGG says to Elane(9:47 AM):


MrsBGG says to rcookie(9:47 AM):


dinarstudent says to MrsBGG(9:48 AM):

ok thank you

rcookie says to dinarstudent(9:48 AM):


dinarstudent says(9:48 AM):

thank you

Movack says to rcookie(9:49 AM):

rcookie -- so do you think the Library plays right in with the prosecution at this time???

(9:51 AM)jake1 was kicked out by jake1!

(10:01 AM)THE OBSERVER - - Save as a favorite... for Daily Dinar Commentary, Notices and Call banners!!

larrykn says(10:03 AM):

Abadi chairing a crisis cell to discuss the final version of the budget

2016-09-25 at 20:43

Baghdad – the balance of news

Premier terrace Haidar Abadi, Sunday, expanded to crisis cell to discuss a number of topics including discussion of the final version of the budget.

Abbadi's Office said in a statement received/balance of news copy, that "Prime Minister Haider Abadi chaired a meeting of the crisis management cell in the presence of a number of financial advisers and economists.

The statement said that "during the meeting was to discuss the final version of the financial budget and review the terms of what works to reduce consumer spending to ensure that salaries and pensions and insurance requirements of the armed forces and increasing electricity production," adding that "the meeting saw discussion of increasing non-oil revenues by relying on appropriate procedures for this purpose.

Abbadi stressed the "importance of raising the efficiency of all State institutions in the light of the challenges confronting the country and provide the required services for the citizen require more work and actions that put the country on the right track."

larrykn says(10:04 AM):

Talabani: Abadi expressed willingness to resolve the problem of salaries of the region and supported the Kirkuk elections

2016/9/25 20:02

[Oan- Baghdad]

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc Ala Talabani, the budget law for 2017, and the salaries of the staff of the Kurdistan region.

She said Talabani, a site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan "We met today Prime Minister and we discussed with him the functioning of the House of Representatives and important laws, especially the budget law, and the issue of entitlements of the Kurdistan region and specifically staff in the province's oil and agreement with the province and discuss the issue of Kirkuk's provincial council elections, the salaries."

Talabani added that "the Prime Minister expressed his willingness to resolve the problem of salaries in the Kurdistan region, also supported holding elections Kirkuk and its people are not deprived of the legal and constitutional Asthakahm."

MrsBGG says to larrykn(10:10 AM):

Thank you!!

MrsBGG says(10:11 AM):

Don’t MISS – “DU NEWS TIME” w/RCookie, Mr White & Hutch in the DU CHAT ROOM – Tuesday – 27th 7:30pm EST

clay says to MrsBGG(10:12 AM):

GM :)

Elane says to MrsBGG(10:23 AM):

Good morning... sorry I missed you.... to be 102 here today.. trying to get a jump on the day!

Ame says(10:36 AM):

There all done mowing my neighbors grass he is away in Tx.

rcookie says(10:39 AM):

Central Bank sells gold coins commemorating its foundation

September 26, 2016

Economy News / Baghdad …

The Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, for the sale of gold commemorative coins to mark the establishment, noting that the sale will be on Tuesday of each week.

The bank said in a statement: “Economy News” received a copy of it, that “the issuing gold coins category 250 dinars and weighing 22 grams, which is silent on the occasion of the eighth and sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Central Bank in 1947, that have been received recently.”

The bank said, “citizens can buy these coins as part of the diversification of savings practices and to honor that occasion, dear,” pointing out that “the sale will be on Tuesday of each week in accordance with the published rates through the branches of all licensed banks.”

rcookie says(10:41 AM):

Cell crisis discuss the final version of the draft financial budget

Held a crisis cell, Sunday, a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi discussed during which the final version of the draft financial budget and increase non-oil revenues.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement seen by "Economy News" that "the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi chaired a meeting of the crisis cell in the presence of a number of financial and economic advisers."

The statement added that, "During the meeting, discuss the finalization of the draft financial budget and a review of its provisions, including working to reduce consumer spending to ensure salaries and pensions and to secure the armed forces requirements and increase the production of electricity, as was discussed to increase non-oil revenues by relying on suitable for this purpose measures."

He stressed Abadi, according to the statement, "the importance of raising the efficiency of the performance of all state institutions in the light of the challenges taking place in the country and provide the required services to citizens where requires more work and procedures that put the country on the right track."

rcookie says(10:44 AM):

Killing 170 element of Daesh and the dismantling of 40 bomb in Anbar

a wish Since 26/09/2016 18:03 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

Said a local source in Al-Anbar, on Monday, killed more than 170 component of Daesh within 48 hours gray axis of the island and the dismantling of more than 40 bomb wheel on the islands of al-Baghdadi, and Hit.

The source told / balances News / "The security forces killed more than 170 component of Daesh within 48 hours in the center of the island of gray, as well as dozens of bodies that were not counted in the cities that have been edited."

The source, who preferred anonymity, that "the engineering effort accompanying the security forces were able to dismantle more than 40 wheel-bomb and an explosive device within the central islands of al-Baghdadi, Hit" .anthy 29/33 h

rcookie says(10:46 AM):

Transport: EU take care of the establishment of runway and building a sophisticated air cargo Basra Airport

Author: AT

Editor: AT

26/09/2016 17:56

Number of Views: 148

Long-Presse / Baghdad

He said Transport Minister Kazem cup erythema, Monday, all to ensure that the EU "financially" the establishment of runway and building air cargo at Basra International Airport, and indicated that the company "Los Vergr" will take over the implementation process and provide all the basic necessities for the project, with its promise of "golden opportunity ".

Kazim said cup erythema, in a statement, received a (long-Presse), a copy of it, that "a member of the Basra Governorate Council, flower Albjara won a gold for the Ministry of Transport opportunity includes ensure EU creates a new runway and the beginning of a private air cargo at Basra International Airport being one of the airports open global shipping. "

He said Hamami, "The company (Los Vergr) will be the task of the implementation of this mega-project and provide all the basic necessities to complete it," pointing at the same time, that "the EU will take care of all the financial expenses for the completion of the new project at Basra International Airport, where his administration will be under the supervision of the Ministry transport away from the company executing. "

It is noteworthy that Basra International Airport is the second largest Iraqi airports after the Baghdad International Airport, located west of the city of Basra (590 km south of the capital), and away from the city center, 20 km, was built in the sixties of the last century, and was developed and reconstruction in the eighties, and the airport was closed for a long time because of the wars in the first and second Gulf and the invasion of Iraq in 2003, but reopened in 2005 and was the aircraft Boeing) 727) coming from Baghdad, the first plane landing in it, and then local flights between Basra and Baghdad since mid-year began in 2005, while receiving airport currently dozens of trips around the world, almost keep pace with development in the province and their economic importance.

rcookie says(10:49 AM):


rcookie says(10:49 AM):

Sisi: a program to increase the goods and adjust the price15 Show Last update: Monday , September 26, 2016 - 17:31Sisi: a program to increase the goods and adjust the price

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, said on Monday that his country is working on a program to increase the supply of commodities in order to adjust the price, within two months, so "regardless of the price of the dollar." He said al-Sisi, in his speech during the opening of a housing project in Alexandria, the purchasing power of government workers and pensioners have increased during the past period, about 200 billion pounds ($ 22.5 billion). "

Sisi explained that this increased purchasing power "without a corresponding increase in the supply of goods", which work on the high prices, along with other reasons such as "dollar."

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